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New information & photos on first live performance at keg party

Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
We've sat on this information for a while now to see if we can get some additional details about it, but I thought since this is most likely going to be covered/revealed in the documentary, I would beat them to it. :p

So thanks to Mike Ziegler and some of his friends, we have some more info on the very first live performance of the band, and a couple of photos. It took place on February 19th 1995. We're not sure on exact location, but we believe it was above a boat house in Seattle, WA. If you know where exactly that may be, let us know.

It was a private keg party for friends and family, with probably 50 people there tops. No details on the show are known like setlist, but an attendent did mention that Will broke about 3 kick pedals during the show. Here are two pictures, we may be able to get more at some point:



This will be added to the Live Guide soon, and the previous date in 1994 will be removed, since we believe that date is more likely to be a practice session than a live show. This, we're pretty certain, is the first foo fighters performance as a 'show'. They then played the first public show in Arcata on February 23rd.

Feel free to repost this on other websites, but please credit us with a link back here.


  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
    edited March 2011
    Oh to add photo credits go to Rick Guerra.
  • Glenn NielsenGlenn Nielsen Member
    edited March 2011
    Hehe...Dave is wearing the same shirt as he did at the Nirvana Live 'n Loud show :)
    Well, that was just nerdinfo, sorry ;)
  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
    edited March 2011
    Ha, I've seen that tee in other photos as well, one of the other 3/95 shows I think.
  • Hugo BerthierHugo Berthier Recording History Freak
    edited March 2011
    This is so great, thank you so much !
    Btw, on the 2nd pic we can see a girl with a camera (Youngblood ?), so I suppose there's other pics of this show, maybe we will see them on "Back&Forth".
  • edited March 2011
    brilliant. i'm blown away to see these photos at last.

    nice one guys. think i'm gonna visit this forum more often!
  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
    edited July 2011
    So thanks to them mentioning it on the new Garage video, I found this:

    Shame it has been demolished. :(
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