FF back in the studio in September?

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So someone posted on youtube some backstage videos at one of the Australian TCV shows. Then in the comments for that video, she posted this:
Drew asked Dave when the foo's where coming back and i said she'd missed out last time,and he said 'you know taylor the drummer right? Drew said "yea of course i do" Dave laughed and then looked at Drew and told her the Foo's will be recording in september and be touring end of next year sometime so come see them then..i should have said, well put us on some list so we can meet you again!! if..i was to nervous! . ..
Dave and Josh..if you ever read this.THANKYOU!
no no, you got a bit to excited there!! Dave told her that they will start making a ALBUM at the end of THIS year and touring by the end of 2011...Still, its not to far away!! Finally take my little ones to a foo's concert..They know the words to thier songs!!haha.

The video:

Watching the video and seeing what kind of person she is, I don't see any reason for her to make that up.


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