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So I was thinking about this the other day, what are the 'best' sounding sources for the albums, and how many different mixes are there? Something worth finding out I think, as It's not something I've done a lot of research into myself, and as we know from other bands, they can vary a lot.

This originally came out in 1995 of course, before the 'loud-war', so any original pressed CD should sound the best. How many other pressings are there though, is the mastering/mix different? I know that the first three albums were all "re-released" in 2003, but how were they different?

I have an original 1995 CD and what I believe is a 2003 re-release, so I'll have to compare them.

How is the Vinyl? I own it, not sure on the pressing, was it repressed recently? I think it was.


Again originally released in 1997 before the loud war took of, so the original CD should sound best, but again, how does the Vinyl compare? What about any re-releases? The 2007 10th Anniversary edition was meant to be totally remastered by Gil, has anyone actually looked at them to compare? If not, i'll do that.

Original 99 CD should be best, yes? Again, what about 2003 issue, how do they differ?

Standard CDs are loud and pretty badly mastered, the DVD-Audio version sounds much better (88.2khz/24 Bit in stereo and 5.1), what about the Vinyl, is that any less 'loud'?

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Again the CD is super loud and compressed, what is the Vinyl like? I own it, but don't have a good enough setup to notice the quality/transfer it. Then there is the higher quality versions on the DVD, how do they stack up? Finally there is the instrumental only promo, does that differ in mix/mastering?

Just two choices here I think, original CD and Vinyl? Anyone compared? The CD isn't THAT compressed and overloud compared to the last two Nick R. records, how does the Vinyl compare on this one? Again I have it, but not the good deck to play it on.

It'd be really good If we can analyse all the relevant releases and pressings here.
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