Foos out and about jamming.

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So I posted something on asking about the Viper Room and taping there. Someone got back to me and we got started talking about the Foo Fighters and he told me this:
Speaking of Viper Room and Foo Fighters...

I was there Thursday. Taylor Hawkins was billed but a no show, replaced by another band at the last minute. I was there for Charly Coombes anyway so it was all good. They ended, there were no other bands on the bill, I bailed. 2 days later his manager tells me Lemmy, Dave Grohl, Taylor and I forget who else showed up and jammed. One more reason to hate that place, to somehow feel obligated to hang out til closing time in case I missed something!

The Thursday he would have been talking about would have been Thursday March 11th 2010. It's stuff like this that makes me wish I could just roll around Hollywood every night and look for stuff like this because it really does happen here everyday. Then I remember how much I hate Hollywood and realize it's not worth it. For the few people that were drunk and there at closing they were treated to a lucky performance by some legends. Damn....
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