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Robert BowmanRobert Bowman M.I.A.
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Do any recordings of Chris' performances, whether it's with "Me First And The Gimme Gimmes", "Jackson United" or "Solo" exist?
I've search but so far no luck:(


  • Brad CollinsBrad Collins Collaborator & Super Moderator
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    There are a lot of Me First and the Gimme Gimme's boots out there. Mostly audience shot videos. You need to search on Yahoo or google to find private trade lists. Some of the people may have stopped trading and you can try their e-mail address or contact them via other channels. I never got into collecting their stuff although I should have. If I find any websites with boots of theirs listed I will pass them on to you Robert. I used to find their stuff for sale in indie record stores a lot too. There was a store in Ohio I used to go into that had a whole back wall filled with punk rock and alternative VHS tapes of shows for sale. They were $20-$25 a pop so I rarely bought them. I do know that there were a lot of Me First tapes there though. I will ask my buddy if he has any. He has a few Rocket from the Crypt VHS tapes I'm borrowing so I will see if he has some Me First stuff to throw in.

    As far as his solo or Jackson United stuff not that I know of. My buddy that recorded Taylor's first show was going to see him awhile ago though. I will ask if he has anything. I keep meaning to go see Shifty but everytime he plays in SoCal there is always another show going on that I want to see more than him. I mean everytime. It's such a weird coincidence honestly. It's crazy. I will record him one of these days though.
  • Robert BowmanRobert Bowman M.I.A.
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    Yeah did find one "Me first And The Gimme Gimmes" 2009 gigs on one of the torrent sites at the weekend but little else other than the Live Wire! Music podcast!
  • Brad CollinsBrad Collins Collaborator & Super Moderator
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    I know there are quite a few gigs out there of Chris playing with No Use for a Name as well. When he played with No Use though he went under the name Jake Jackson. Most people don't know that. He went under Jake Jackson when he played with 22 Jacks as well. That's where Jackson United came from if anyone was wondering.
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