Manchester Apollo December 6th 2000 - Where you there??

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Im hoping some of you can help me.

I was very lucky to be at this gig and ended up on stage with the band and got my 30 seconds of fame by getting to play a few chords with the whole band. I ended up spending time with the back stage and as you can probably imagine it was one of the best nights of my life

I am aware that there is recording of the gig out there as I heard it with my own ears not long after so I am after anyone who might have photos of the gig or even a recording of the gig itself.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated

Kind regards



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    I was there too and I remember you jamming with the band! I actually have two different sources of this gig (one seems to be uncirculated according to the live guide) if you still want me to upload?
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    pleaz upload it!!!!
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