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Odds And Ends 4

Generation: TV > VARIOUS > DVDR(0) [NTSC]
Source:Various - See Below
Running Time: 60:29 minutes

Transferred By:
Video Information: 5.4 Mbps VBR / 720x480i / 29.97 fps
Audio Information: Linear PCM
Transfer: unknown > DVD Decrypter > Adobe Encore CS6


interviews/features (1999 Documentary) [N/A]
Breakout (Oct 23th 1999 - Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas) [PRO #1TBC]
My Hero (Oct 23th 1999 - Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas) [PRO #1TBC]
Learn To Fly (Oct 23th 1999 - Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas) [PRO #1TBC]
Learn To Fly (Nov 6th 1999 - Saturday Night Live) [PRO #1a]
Stacked Actors (Nov 6th 1999 - Saturday Night Live) [PRO #1a]
interview (Nov 29th 1999 - TRL Live, New York) [PRO #1]
Learn To Fly (Nov 29th 1999 - TRL Live, New York) [PRO #1]
Stacked Actors (Nov 29th 1999 - TRL Live, New York) [PRO #1]
Interviews (MTV FANatic 1999) [N/A]
interviews (MTV Hora Prima 1999) [N/A]
Learn To Fly (Jan 13th 2000 - The Tonight Show) [PRO #1]
Everlong (Feb 18th 2000 - The Late Show) [PRO #1]
Breakout (Apr 4th 2000 - Late Night With Conan) [PRO #1]
Breakout (May 15th 2000 - The Tonight Show) [PRO #1]

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This is a compilation disc featuring mostly US Television performances by the band. First up on the disc is the 1999 Documentary on the recording process of 'There Is Nothing Left To Lose'. This was never sold but was sent out as promo VHS, presented here on DVD. Video and audio are therefore good. Next up is footage from Oct 23rd 1999 at The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, the show part of the MTV Sports And Music Festival. The first song, 'Breakout', comes from one source, which is a little dark but with good clarity. The second source is lighter, but a little worse looking. 'My Hero' is incomplete, just part of the song shown in a small window over the credits.

Next is the bands performance on Saturday Night Live in 1999. Video and audio quality are both good although the colours are slightly washed out. Following that is an appearance on Total Request Live, also in 1999. The band are briefly interviewed followed by a performance of 'Learn To Fly' in full, and part of 'Stacked Actors', the song cutting off as the credits finish. Video and audio quality are both good, with no real issues.

The next is the MTV FANatic feature on the band, first show in 1999. The feature follows one fan interviewing the band and playing drums in a soundcheck. Video and audio quality are both good. Following that is another interview feature, this time coming from the MTV Mexico show 'Hora Prima'. The band are interviewed at length and the video features hardcoded Spanish subtitles. Video quality is good, if a little fuzzy. Audio quality is similarly ok, but a little hissy as it was originally recorded with low volume.

The DVD then returns to US Television performances, firstly with a performance of 'Learn To Fly' on The Tonight Show. There is a large digital video glitch twice during this performance, each lasting a couple of seconds. Video quality is otherwise good, if a little soft, and audio quality is very good. There is also a short interview with the band. Next up is a performance of 'Everlong' on The Late Show, with good audio and video although again, there are a couple of digital video errors.

Finally there are two performances of 'Breakout', firstly on Late Night With Conan and then again The Tonight Show. The former has good audio and video quality although the picture is quite soft. The latter has very similar quality to the previous recordings of The Tonight Show.

The DVD features a menu with chapter points for each song. There are no extras on the DVD.
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