2008/02/18 - DCU Center, Worcester, MA, USA - AUD3 -Zoom H2 SD recorder ->FLAC

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I found a new recording of Worcester 2008 on my HD. Got it on the net but really don't know where. This is more for completists as there are already two 8.5 sources. This one is around 7.5.

Foo Fighters - Long Road to Worcester

Live at the DCU Center
Worcester, MA, USA
February 18th, 2008


Zoom H2 SD recorder (24 bit wave at 2304kbps) > Audacity (normalizing and track
separation) > wave > Trader's Little Helper > flac level 8

Track Listing...

01 Let It Die
02 The Pretender
03 Times Like These
04 Breakout
05 Dave Grohl monolog 1
06 Learn To Fly
07 Cheer Up Boys (Your Makeup Is Running)
08 This Is A Call
09 Guitar Duel
10 Stacked Actors/Drum Solo
11 Skin And Bones
12 Marigold

01 My Hero
02 Dave Grohl monolog 2
03 Cold Day In The Sun
04 But, Honestly
05 Everlong
06 Monkey Wrench
07 All My Life
08 crowd noise
09 Dave Grohl monolog 3 (The Mentos Story)
10 Big Me
11 Long Road To Ruin
12 Best Of You


The recording sounds pretty good although not perfect. There are the occasional minor ruffling sounds resulting from being shoved around in the mosh pit or from me slipping the recorder into my pocket when security came a little too close for comfort. And it might need a bit of EQ-ing to sound more natural but I’m leaving that up to the listener. The sound is completely unaltered with the exception of normalization to make it the proper volume.

As for location, we were right up front. The acoustic set took place in the middle of the arena so those five songs sound a little far away. However, a few interesting moments of drama erupted near me during the acoustic set. Security dragged out a middle-aged man, who had pushed his way to the front of the crowd at the beginning of the show and started jumping around because apparently he thought he was 16, and was touching a drunk girl
inappropriately knowing she wouldn’t remember any of it. A little while later, some drunk teenager tried to pick a fight with us because she thought we were pushing her (not like we were in a mosh pit or anything). It got pretty intense and all these things can be heard on the recording.


Thanks to the taper whoever you are and keep it lossless unless for your own use.

Edit: There's a part 3/3 in the title of the file. The taper also taped the two support acts but I only have the txt of them. Against Me! was part 1/3 and Serj Tankian was part 2/3.
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