2002-10-29 Opera House - Toronto - AUD#2 - MiniDisc Master > WAV > FLAC

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So here is the show I taped way back when. It's a typical audience recording.The show itself is full of energy as the venue is very small! The band was definitely enjoying the intimate venue by playing some Jams and talking.

This was taped on my Sony Minidisc so it only had 74 minutes of recording time. As a result this recording doesn't contain the encore of "Tired of You" or "Everlong" (sorry).

A big thank you to Jumeteor for converting my master wave file to FLAC.
enjoy! :)

Foo Fighters
Opera House
Toronto, ON, Canada

01 Aurora
02 All My Life
03 Have It All
04 Generator
05 My Hero
06 YYZ(jam)
07 Disenchanted Lullaby
08 Learn to Fly
09 Dain Bramage (jam)
10 Times Like These
11 Stacked Actors
12 Low
13 Hey, Johnny Park!
14 Monkey Wrench
15 Breakout

Lineage: Minidisc Master > 44.1khz 16 bit WAVE File > FLAC
transferred to FLAC by: Jumeteor

Comments: This recording does not have the two song encore (Tired Of You
& Everlong).
AUD #2 (Circulated 2015)




  • JuMeteorJuMeteor Member
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    It's worth nothing that the setlist in the live guide has an error. Generator was played before My Hero and not after the YYZ jam.
  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
    edited April 2015
    Thanks guys, and thanks for the set correction, I've just amended it. :thumbsup:
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