On The Mend - Supporting Cancer Research with music by the Foo Fighters

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On The Mend - Supporting Cancer Research with music by the Foo Fighters On The Mend: Songs Against Cancer is the latest in a long line of albums featuring new interpretations of some of Foo Fighters best known songs, as well as some lesser known tracks, played by a variety of artists. What makes this one a little different from the rest is that it was envisioned and created as a way to help the ongoing battle against cancer. The creator of the album, Mats Johansson, has been personally affected by the disease and decided he wanted to do a small part to help fight it.
Jeanette, my wife, has just finished her treatment for breast cancer – for the second time. Moreover, my father, grandfather and grandmother all died of cancer – different types, and strangely no “hereditary” types of cancer. I felt that like I had to do something, so I started this project – On The Mend.
cover2.jpg‘On The Mend’ features 26 tracks, 21 Foo Fighters covers and 5 original tracks. A total of 72 artists are featured on the recordings, the full tracklisting and credits are as follows:
  1. Tired of You – Ida Boija
  2. But Honestly – Trashpearl
  3. Times Like These
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