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Chris HickmanChris Hickman twoheadedboy
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Hi guys,

First of all, wow this is a great site and forum, great job to everyone involved!

Second, I wanted to see if there was anyone in the same boat as me who could make a recommendation...after TINLTL, I just didn't dig any of the stuff I heard on the radio, to the point where I didn't buy the albums. But I have to figure there's at least some stuff worth a listen for someone who likes the first 3 albums (though I'm guessing it will be more in the vein of TINLTL than the first two albums). Any thoughts? Are there "eras" of the band after the first 3 albums like with other bands around as long as them?

Thanks in advance.


  • Kevin SabresKevin Sabres Collaborator & Super Moderator
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    Not totally sure what you are asking.. live recordings or just songs in general after TINLTL? If you mean songs.. can try White Limo from wasting light... sounds like Weenie Beenie Kind of or wattershed
  • Chris HickmanChris Hickman twoheadedboy
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    Yeah I'm more talking about studio stuff.
  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
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    To be honest Chris their stuff after the third record did change quite a bit and you'll find a lot of fans who also don't like anything beyond that.

    If you want to give something later a try though I'd start with Wasting Light, for me it was their best all round effort since TINLTL.
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  • Kev CravenKev Craven Member
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    There have been a few songs that capture that era I think. And I am in the same boat as you by the way... The first to come to mind is a hugely underrated song called World (demo). Check it out and I'll try to remember some more.
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