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CrashSG32CrashSG32 A River
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Does anyone know if there is any way to legally obtain the official 320kbps MP3 rips of the Wasting Light vinyl? I believe the promo codes have since expired.

I'd love to hear it as it supposedly has a better sounding mix than the official CD but I have a dislike of torrenting (especially official stuff!).

Thanks! :)


  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
    edited August 2015
    Not that I know of, no. The Vinyl does sound marginally better than the CD but it's not a huge difference since it is evident they used the pre-CD digital master to create them, rather than creating a true analog record as they should have.
  • CrashSG32CrashSG32 A River
    edited August 2015
    Any idea if the ESPG vinyl has a different mix to the CD? I love the album but I'm getting awful tired of the clipping, especially on The Pretender and But, Honestly.

    Felt it's worth asking before spending $50+ on the record if it's the same as the CD I already have :p
  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
    edited August 2015
    I think you mean mastering rather than mix, they're all the same mix. :) I haven't listened to my ESP&G vinyl in a long, long time but I don't recall it sounding substantially better than the CD, no.
  • CrashSG32CrashSG32 A River
    edited December 2015
    Anyone know if the Wasting Light "cut from vinyl" MP3 download codes are still redeemable?

    I can't believe I still haven't obtained this version of the album at all! If it means spending $60 on the U.S. version of the vinyl to get a less brickwalled master, I'll do it! I'm unsure as to whether the codes are still functional after 4 years though...

    EDIT: Discogs claims they did indeed expire almost two years ago. Not sure if I'll ever find this but I'm damn determined, lol
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