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Foo Fighters
Klipsch Music Center
Noblesville Indiana
August 27, 2015

I've been holding off uploading this because I was hoping a better version would surface but so far it looks like this is it. Please read my notes before downloading; 2 songs are incomplete.

Audio Reality Microphone ARMIC 1 binaurals> Battery Box (w/out Bass Rolloff) > Zoom H2N 16/44.1 > PC > GoldWave > Flac
Recorded by Gitard

01. Everlong
02. Monkey Wrench
03. Learn to Fly
04. Something From Nothing
05. The Pretender
06. Big Me intro while Dave Talks
07. Big Me
08. Congregation
09. Walk
10. Dave Talks/Band Intros
Eruption (Van Halen cover) (Intro)
You Really Got Me (The Kinks cover) (Intro)
Roundabout (Yes cover) (Intro)
God Save the Queen (Sex Pistols cover) (Intro)
11. Cold Day in the Sun
12. My Hero
13. Outside
14. All My Life
15. Times Like These
16. These Days
17. Aurora
18. Breakout (cut)
19. This Is a Call (beginning cut)
20. Blues Jam featuring John Popper
21. Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie cover)
22. Tom Sawyer intro
23. Tom Sawyer (Rush cover)
24. Best of You

This was an awesome show, and as it always is with the Foo Fighters, very high energy even with Dave sitting down the whole show due to his broken leg. It was a last minute decision to drive the two and a half hours to this show, and I was able to snag a lawn ticket pretty cheap. I slowly moved forward a little during the show, eventually making my way toward the front of the lawn.
Unfortunately during Breakout a drunk lady danced her way into me, knocking me into the guy next to me, who took that to mean MOSH PIT. I suddenly found myself in the middle of an impromptu mosh pit and my mics came unplugged, and my Zoom recorder hit the ground. It took me a few minutes to pick myself and my gear up off the ground and resume recording. Other than that, it's a decent capture of an awesome show. No eq done, just a little volume boost.

As always support the artists. Go see their shows, buy their albums and merchandise.

Tweak as you like. Feel free to make album art or remaster if you wish but do not sell this recording or distribute in lossy formats. Enjoy!
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