2015-03-02 - Derwent Entertainment Center - AUD #2 - WAV(M) > FLAC

Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan
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Foo Fighters

2nd March 2015
Derwent Entertainment Centre
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

*********** CONTRAST CLAUSE ***********
This is a different to my other source seeded here:
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Something From Nothing
The Pretender
Learn To Fly
My Hero
Big Me
Cold Day In The Sun
In The Clear
Hey, Johnny Park!
Monkey Wrench
Skin And Bones
Times Like These
Dear Rosemary
Breakdown (Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers)
All My Life
These Days
This Is A Call
Best Of You

Running Time: 2:28:02

Zoom H2n Internal Mics - XY Stereo @ 96kHz/24bit > Adobe Audition CS6 (iZotope Ozone 5 Mastering Plugin) , (iZotope RX 4 DeClicker - remove audience clapping) / Edit & Levels / 48kHz/24bit > Foobar - FLAC Lvl 8

So being paranoid, careful or however you want to put it, I made sure I got at least one recording of the night. The other source with better setup is clearer, but this isn't too bad for Internals. The Zooms usually record pretty flat, so you have to add a bit of mayo in post, which I have done so here.
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