2015/11/09 - Tauron Arena, Krakow, Poland - AUD #1 - WAV(M) > FLAC

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Artist: Foo Fighters
Date: 2015-11-09
Location: Cracow, Poland - Tauron Arena

Taper: Soberonez

Equipment: SP-CMC-4 (3-Wire Mod)
DIY Battery Box
Zoom H2

Lineage: SP-CMC-4 > DIY Battery Box > Zoom H2 > WAV (16-bit/48KHz) > Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 > Trader's Little Helper v2.7.0 > FLAC (8)
Editing: Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 (Normalization, Volume boost, EQ correction, iZotope Declicker & Declipper, Stereo Tool, Fade In/Out, Track splitting)

Tracklist: Everlong
Monkey Wrench
Learn to Fly
Something From Nothing
The Pretender
Big Me
Eruption / You Really Got Me / Roundabout / Detroit Rock City
Cold Day in the Sun
My Hero
Times Like These
White Limo
Skin and Bones
All My Life
These Days
This Is a Call
In the Flesh? (Pink Floyd cover)
Best of You

Length: 02:13:55

Notes: Recorded from the seating area, on the left side of the stage (section B5).
As usual, some clapping/chatting here and there, mostly between the songs.

Trade freely always including this file!
Don't be a douche and lossily convert!
Don't sell or alter this recording in any way!
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