2019-08-25 - Reading Festival, Reading, UK - SBD #1 - Webstream AAC 320kbps > FLAC

Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan

Here is the first of three downloads for the Reading set last night. This is the incomplete 90 minute highlights broadcast on Radio 1. Obviously the video is more complete but this is shared and required as a source as the quality is a little bit better. I don't capture Radio 1 via FM any more, as the 320kbps AAC internet feed is simply better quality, with higher frequencies and no FM noise. Just a clean digital signal.

I did have to decode it to WAV though, as mp3directcut was still giving me issues trying to cut the AAC file, small noises on each cut. So this is quite bloated in terms of filesize, but I prefer that to annoying noises.

The complete video feed will follow next, both video and audio.


Foo Fighters

25th August, 2019

Richfield Avenue (Reading Festival)

Reading, United Kingdom


soundboard > unknown


webstream > ffmpeg N-94619-gb29c7bcbf6 > foobar2000 1.4.1 > Adobe Audition CC 2018 > CD Wave 1.98 > Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0


Webstream [AAC 320kbps/48khz] > WAV [48khz/16-bit] > FLAC [Level 8]




01. The Pretender

02. Learn To Fly

03. Run

04. The Sky Is A Neighborhood (cuts out)

05. My Hero

06. These Days

07. La Dee Da

08. Walk

09. All My Life

10. I'll Stick Around

11. Monkey Wrench

12. Hey, Johnny Park!

13. Best Of You

14. This Is A Call

15. Let There Be Rock

16. Everlong


920fd747657afcc34f6288fd25232aa9 *01. The Pretender.flac

3510e4a9d9546c5fad05537b51b1397c *02. Learn To Fly.flac

1c3ecf13bc5a95681f08f952d36a4e7d *03. Run.flac

6db44811b8421660122c07a95c34741d *04. The Sky Is A Neighborhood (cut).flac

a4f36b82ec833d669436fa800456608f *05. My Hero.flac

0aa8698c0a259640eba4b500336b04ca *06. These Days.flac

7921f7de9e82b47f47cbe99f74205554 *07. La Dee Da.flac

44229de7c63c485db47b0022fc8b24a0 *08. Walk.flac

0c684634a42df805bedebb667b5ce88d *09. All My Life.flac

d3c3ca66d6f05c93cd0a10811c1c1751 *10. I'll Stick Around.flac

62bcf09444567cf7b9619f34720541b2 *11. Monkey Wrench.flac

3ecda51d7135b8878d905618cad18b65 *12. Hey, Johnny Park!.flac

7373c5cf2338289fa6f6a94ae007ca80 *13. Best Of You.flac

72b31a553405b971b1ad45b43eda31cd *14. This Is A Call.flac

14e1b0a3cd25cc488af846f271390a9d *15. Let There Be Rock.flac

b3c8b5280db8cba21eaed362ecc4814a *16. Everlong.flac



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