Foo Fighters session at Robert Lang Studio, Jan 24 - 26, 1996


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    It isn't mentioned in the notes until we verify it but myself and Hugo strongly believe these songs were actually completed across two sessions. We believe the first session took place in October 1995, with the band recording the basic tracks for the five songs. The reason we believe this is based on what Barrett has told us, along with a circulating photograph, dated October 1995.

    Further evidence lies with 'Down In The Park'. They began performing this cover early in 1995 but Dave would always just sing the same verse each time, or mumble, having not learned all of the lyrics. However, following a month long break in touring, the song was played at their October 16th 1995 show in Sweden, this time Dave singing all of the lyrics. This rather suggests he had learned them since the previous show in September.

    We believe they then returned in January 1996, possibly to record overdubs and further vocals. The reason being, the person who released the Soundboard #1b source labelled it with the January date. They were also sure a song titled 'Comfortable' was recorded, but Barrett said there was absolutely no further songs were recorded at the session he was present. His photo of a DAT also corroborates this. We think it's therefore possible the song was worked on during this second session in January, with Barrett not present.

    This remains only a theory, however. Hopefully we'll be able to chat with Barrett further and clarify the situation. If you have any thoughts or comments, please do add them!
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