Manchester Apollo - May 1997 RADIO BROADCAST

katiek98katiek98 Newcomer
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Is anyone able to help with a copy of the radio interview on BBC Radio 1 between Dave and Steve Lamacq, that preceeded the broadcast of the show from the Manchester Apollo at the end of May 1997?

Been trying to get a hold of it for years and haven't had any joy!



  • katiek98katiek98 Newcomer


    This has been doing my head in for years. My old man thought it would be fun to tape over whe he was pissed!!!

  • Simon KilmoreSimon Kilmore Skinny as a spit pan

    Hey Katie, I'm afraid I've never heard this interview on any copies of the show, I guess the tapers always cut it off.

  • katiek98katiek98 Newcomer

    Hi Simon,

    Yeah, I've never been able to come across it. It was maybe a 40 minute interview between Dave and Steve Lamacq, with Dave covering all his formative musical influences. Was an excellent interview, that I can play back in my head, but would love to have again for my iPod, to go with the show recording. :(

  • katiek98katiek98 Newcomer
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    Bellahouston, Glasgow at the weekend!! :)

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