William Goldsmith's Demos?

Apparently William Goldsmith leaked early TCATS recordings with him on drums late last year.  That link is all I can find on it though.


  • Anthony PlantAnthony Plant Member
    edited April 2018 Not sure if there are more floating around, also these should be added to the session history audio samples here on the site. I don't think it violates anything since they are demos and were never released
  • Anthony PlantAnthony Plant Member
    edited September 15

    More are on William's YouTube Channel, he uploaded My Poor Brain, Monkey Wrench, The Colour and The Shape, an unknown instrumental, and My Hero which is different from the Down In The Park sessions. In total that makes those songs along with Hey Johnny Park, New Way Home, February Stars, and another unknown which may be Comfortable. This is making me very happy!

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